the story

P1010889The station is typical of a small town on the Midland Railway. Our attention is drawn to a row of stationery carriages towards the end of platform 3.

Two young women, in typical dress of the late 1950’s are walking hand in hand peering through the windows of the carriages. It is a summers day and it obvious that they looking for something.

They are looking for somewhere to be alone, the days conversation has become naughty as theirs often do. They have a need.

After trying a few doors they find one which opens. On they get and walk down the corridor, eventually leading into a beautiful first class carriage, freshly cleaned.

Looking around carefully to make sure nobody is around, they settle into a compartment.

The video follows a wonderful conversation between them, which gets ruder, and naughtier. Charlotte masturbates first ::: the video at this stage is beautiful with lots of dialect::: then she in turn keeps watch as Amber sees to her needs.

The word naughty is used in a delightful way and soon the experiment with spankings! Various poses!

I must complimenet the models….they were perfect. The older one encouraged the younger who got bolder by the minute. The spankings were lovely, light, and naughty!

The film cuts to their Aunt looking for them. It sees her get on and in an angry frame of mind her heels clip clop down the corridor…as she searches.

Charlotte gets carried away, as she often does. And is soon completely naked over her friends knees getting spanked.

Aunty walks in, and they both get a lovely hard, bottom reddening, over the knee bare bottom spanking!

I must compliment the camera work here, they did me proud…thank you.

After they are ordered to leave the carriage, Paris still naked! Slaps to the bottom and the promise of more to come at home bring the film to a lovely end.

It’ll be on sale soon, contact me if you are interested.

my first spanking video

For most of my life  I have loved the female bottom and the act of spanking it!Image

In my late teens I was on a train, and a young woman was being told off by an older woman. She was threatened with a spanking if she did not behave…

damn it! she behaved!!

An idea was born though…

I am 61 years old now, and am honoured to be classed as a best friend of a woman of 26 who shares my passion in spanking. She is stunningly beautiful and a professional spankee, and model. She is well known but not famous, I’ll respect her name.

Yes, I pay her £150 to act out roles. That’s her bottom up there! Other men and women spank her, but she tells me (I believe her) that I am her favourite.

Within minutes of meeting we became friends. We share many common interests. Being the gentleman I am, I have very slowly built up this friendship out of trust and respect. I have met her partner, and am going to meet her Mum. We now go for coffees and cosy chats, we have visits planned to art galleries and ballet. To be honest, I expect you think I am kidding,  I mean, why would a 26 year old model choose me? Well, I am a published author, I paint pictures and exhibit in galleries, and do tarot readings, I think I am intersting, witty, quite charming and kind. I look okay for my age. I have done this the only way, slowly, with respect, and honesty. We are best friends, and yes this old fool has fallen in love! She knows and is happy with it,

She says that if it was different, (no parteners, wives etc) she could easily fall in love with me. I am happy to be a jolly good best friend!

I see her naked often now, we kiss very gently on the lips, I kiss her nipples and my hand has gently stroked her all over, yes that includes bottom and pussy. We have not made love, I doubt I will ever be that lucky.

I am a very lucky man all the same. I use my writing skills to make up spanking stories which we act out. She then lays over my lap as we talk and talk, whilst I stroke that bottom… to me it is spanking heaven, I adore her.

One story based on the train incident has captured my imagination so much that I have just filmed it!

I hired a railway carriage on a heritage railway. I hired a camera man. I asked my friend to help with two other models, an 18 year old and a delightful lady for the strict aunt role.

I wrote scripts, and notes on camera angles! The worst part was introducing myself to the railway and camera man to tell them what I wanted.

But all came good on August 12th.

I have just seen the first draft, it looks amazing. The girls acted very well indeed, the masturbation scene was erotic, so too was the playful spankings in a first class carriage. But best of all were the real spanklings dished out by aunty!

I will tell you the story soon…enjoying it so far?


I hope so.  Come on, lets go a walk down spanking lane together, share my story.